Singer. Workshop Facilitator


Vocal Performances

Leora will compliment the most upscale event with professionally produced instrumentals, original lyrics and a wide repertoire of Hassidic and Jewish music.

Contact Leora today when coordinating: 

-women's circle events  

- a challah bake 

- a Bat Mitzvah

- a school assembly

- a high school kumzits or farbrengen 

- a camp concert

"If a Niggun is the gateway to our Neshamah; Leora's musical compositions enter every women's heart and soul. My girls listen and sing along to Leora's brilliant Kol Kevudah Bas Melech Composition.  "Cover me, I don't want to be seen", over and over again." 

- Malky Dubov, Shlucha to Chabad of Princeton


"Leora is a fantastic singer with a soft, lilting voice. Her lyrics are uplifting and joyful, bringing her listeners closer to Hashem. Her stage presence is warm and passionate, and her deep musical inclinations come through in her performances. I would recommend her for all types of audiences, as Leora has the ability to connect with every Jew." 

-Toby Bernstein, Shlucha to Chabad of Richmond Hill